Energy Services

ENTEK provides facility owners and managers a high level of assurance that their installed systems are operating within the performance guidelines specified in construction documents with design intent. Our keen knowledge of today’s high-tech building systems provides owners an unbiased perspective of their system installation, operation, performance, and efficiency.


  • ENTEK has been “Green” long before it was cool, commissioning Energy Management Systems since 1994.
  • Our Services include:
    • Detailed and accurate project management of EMS Roll-Out and CAPEX projects
    • Installation, replacement and upgrades for existing EMS systems in existing stores
    • Service multiple EMS systems including Novar, Trane, Teletrol and LightStat
    • Commissioning EMS in new stores, including serving as the LEED CxA
    • Retro-commissioning EMS for existing stores and systems
    • Energy Audits for outlier stores and develop energy consumption analysis
    • Consistent EMS and project results from store to store and region to region.



We understand the value of managing and reducing your overall energy consumption. We have the capabilities and knowledge to evaluate your HVAC, generator, lighting, and other building systems to ensure that corporate energy strategies are being achieved. Our experienced project managers, EMS experts and field service teams will work diligently to identify energy efficiency and cost savings opportunities within your facilities saving you operating costs directly and indirectly for years to come.

ENTEK has commissioned over 2000 Retail stores in the last 15 years. Some of those projects include:

  • Performed Energy Audits and developed Energy saving recommendations for 100 outlier Office Depot stores
  • Installed, programmed, and commissioned Unit Heater controls in 533 Home Depot stores in 4 months.
    • Upgraded Energy Management Systems in over 700 Office Depot locations.
    • Retrofits of Energy Management Systems in over 60 Stein Mart locations.
    • Qualified over 80 Home Depot locations for a Utility incentive program related to reduce electric load on demand.
    • Installed new EMS systems into 200 Stage, Peebles, Palais Royale, and Bealls stores
    • Installed new Trane sensors for 480 JCPenney stores in 4 months.

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